Breathing Wind: Podcast Season 2 Finale


Episode 47: Memorable Moments from Season Two

“Healing is both a journey and a process. And healing involves a willingness to offer ourselves care and kindness along the way.”

Ken Breniman, Episode 27 

This season, four hosts covered healing from very different perspectives. This episode is a compilation of a few conversations they held.

Wendy Rolón, death doula and bereavement counselor, hosted the first mini-series called “Transforming Grief.” The guest featured in this episode is Christine Kovach, bereavement counselor with Mission Hospice. In their episode, they covered grief counseling, healing through expressive arts, and the hope she sees in her work. 

Ken Breniman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, certified yoga therapist, plant medicine integration specialist and a thanatologist, hosted the next mini-series called “Meaning making, Mortality and Medicine.” The guests featured in this episode are musicians Madeleine Bachan Kaur and Dave Koz. In their episodes, they covered memories, parent loss and continuing bonds.

Deborah Szeto, ICU and palliative care nurse, hosted a mini-series titled “Embrace Death, Live Life.” The guests featured in this episode are Deborah Szeto and Naila Francis, death midwife. In their episodes, they discussed their motivations and inspiration behind the work they do.

Sarah Davis hosted a mini-series titled “Caregiving Journey.” The guest featured in this episode is Jenn Chan, founder of Senior Shower Project. In their episode, Jenn talked about her grandma and the inspiration behind holding parties for caregivers.

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Moments from this ~55 minute episode:

  • [0:00] Tim Nguyen’s poem

  • [1:17] Deborah Szeto’s definition of healing

  • [1:37] Wendy Rolón’s definition of healing

  • [2:17] Ken Breniman’s definition of healing

  • [2:29] Sarah Davis’ definition of healing

  • [5:09] Excerpt from Wendy’s miniseries: Christine Kovach reflects on being a bereavement counselor

  • [6:07] Excerpt from Wendy’s miniseries: Wendy describes the grief boulder

  • [16:13] Ken’s grounding ritual for his miniseries

  • [18:27] Excerpt from Ken’s miniseries: Madeleine Bachan Kaur describes her childhood memories

  • [25:58] Excerpt from Ken’s miniseries: Dave Koz’s continuing bond

  • [28:16] Deborah Szeto’s story

  • [31:24] Excerpt from Deborah’s miniseries: Naila Francis’ experience with her father’s death and how it inspired her to be a death midwife

  • [38:26] Excerpt from Deborah’s miniseries: Naila discusses the gap she fills in her role.

  • [41:37] Excerpt from Sarah’s miniseries: Jenn Chan discusses her experience with caregiving and inspiration behind Senior Shower Project

Full Conversations:

Other resources mentioned:

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