It's my party and I'll OM if I want to....

Aug 07 2013

It's My Party and I'll OM if I Want To

Namaste, my fellow Yogis and Yoginis! Greetings to you during the Downward DOG days of summer!
I am excited to share that I turn 44 later this month.
I must say that I am more into counting blessings in my life than candles on a cake!

Though with all those candles, it sure is getting brighter and I can see the numerous
blessings in my life more clearly than ever before. I must confess, a regular yoga and
meditation practice has saved my life in more ways than one!

And one of the blessings of this life is that I get to share
the therapeutic benefits with so many people.
Please join me in my birthday celebration. It's inspired by one of my favorite movies. No, I am not asking you to all dress up as your favorite Muppet or Planet of the Apes character!
I'll wait to do
those things during a more age-appropriate 50 or 60! It is based on the movie "Pay It Forward" and involves spending no money or sending me a card.
It is pretty simple, actually. I am asking each of you to be part of a "PAY IT FORWARD" movement.
It's a concept that has been around since at least ancient Greece and my hope is that it can
continue on long after you and I are no longer alive. Can you find time this month to offer one (or more) random act of kindness to a stranger. For specific PAY IT FORWARD steps, click here. Do something that does not involve exchange of money or material goods.
It could be offering your leftover from
dining out to a homeless person.
It could be helping someone find their way.
It might be volunteering a few hours or a day of your time to help out a local charity or service agency.

Follow the good in your heart, and you can't go wrong! And, in case you were wondering, YOU receive at least 5 health benefits when you are kind to others.

Click here to learn more about how participating in my birthday wish will improve your well being, too!

and know that there's no act of kindness, no matter how small, that is ever wasted!
Maybe Someday-

Random Acts of Kindness -

What Would It Take to Restore Your Faith in Humanity? -

Thanks for being one of the blessed lights in my life!

Peace and OM, Ken

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