Clinical Supervision and Consultation

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”              
- Ernest Hemingway

As a Licensed Clinical Supervisor since 2005 and have supervised graduate-level and pre-licensed Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW) and Marriage Family Therapist Interns (AMFT) who are employed in a variety of settings, including government agencies, public high schools, public middle schools, hospitals, and community mental health settings.

I approach supervision and professional consultation with a sensitive, open and flexible attitude.  Your professional growth as the supervisee and positive client outcomes are my top priorities.  We work collaboratively and creatively explore a variety of ways to approach even the most challenging of clinical cases through engaging and encouraging discussion.   I offer supportive and facilitative individual or group supervision and also specialize in helping supervisees pass the BBS Board Exams. 

I contract with nonprofits and other institutions to provide top quality pre-licensure supervision for part-time and full-time staff.  Even if your agency does not cover the expenses of clinical supervision, I encourage you to consider contacting me for a FREE consultation on how you can manifest your intention of being a licensed professional.  

If you are working towards your license, I am available to help you reach that goal. I offer my supervision and consultation services on a sliding scale. Feel free to contact me to discuss further.

I also offer professional consultation to fellow licensed therapists, healers, coaches and other healthcare providers.  Topics which I offer consultation around include grief/loss, psychedelic and plant medicine integration, trauma-informed yoga therapy, and spiritual emergence.  

“Supervision and supervisory relationship are the medium through which therapy is taught."               
- T. Kaiser

Testimonial from Dr. Parth Gandhi,
Medical Director and Founder of SCPTR Salt Lake City, Utah
I am pleased to be able to give my colleague, Ken Breniman, my fullest support and positive recommendation for clients that wish to work with him.  I met Ken initially as a student within the SCPTR Psychedelic Therapy Training Program. He was a bright pupil and contributed a great deal to the overall program experience. He was loved by his peers for his contributions and kindness and support. SCPTR subsequently requested that Ken join us as a clinical trainer. He was able to work with several groups of students, teaching them clinical skills that enhanced their ability to work with clients. These students raved about their experiences with Ken because he was thoughtful and combined his technical therapeutic knowledge with clear compassion.  We believe him to be a masterful therapist and compassionate soul that deeply cares about his clients and students.
-Parth Gandhi, PhD

Testimonials from former Supervisees:

"I was given the gift of having Ken be my clinical supervisor for the majority of my LCSW hours.  Ken is an amazing listener and teacher who guides you with a compassionate heart and weekly words of wisdom.  He helps to keep you grounded in challenging times and reminds you of your strengths.  I thank Ken for being the support I needed to navigate my professional path and to help my passion for helping others flourish and grow.  I highly recommend Ken as a Clinical Supervisor to anyone interested in strengthening clinical skills and on the LCSW path."  

-Jennifer Strickfaden, ASW

"I feel honored to have had the opportunity receive clinical LCSW supervision from Ken at the Institute on Aging. Ken's keen sense of compassion and understanding shone through him as we sat together in our weekly sessions. Ken's attentive presence continues to inspire me to love my own unique presence and to continue to believe in my own wisdom and spiritual direction. I feel as though the universe answered my prayer of finding a guide to help me to see a bridge connecting two of my passions, yoga and psychotherapy, and turning it into a sustainable, balanced career. He is doing it, and he does it well. Ken is awesome, his enthusiasm and encouragement toward my professional and personal growth through change, love, and self-care continues to support my humanity as I move through the many wonderful layers of this life."         


-Paula Passanisi, ASW

"I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and had the good fortune to be supervised by Ken throughout 2009. At the risk of seeming to idealize; I will say that all of my interactions with Ken resulted in my feeling heard, seen and generally more positive in outlook. Ken has a huge warm heart which, when combined with his tremendous courage and compassion, shows up as serious commitment to service and physical, emotional and spiritual health. He's also a great deal of fun."


-Simon Hodson, MFT

"I had the pleasure of having Ken as my clinical supervisor as I accrued supervision hours for my LCSW. In the 15 months I was supervised by Ken I grew as a social worker and improved and honed my clinical skills. Ken helped me feel comfortable talking about the areas I need to improve and always reminded me about my strengths as a clinician. Ken was always a great source of knowledge and was genuinely interested in my growth as a clinician. The lessons I learned from Ken have influenced my work and life in a positive way."


-Sarah Swenson, LCSW

'Ken was my supervisor during a time that I was feeling a lack of confidence and vulnerable at the internship with a challenging population. He supported me thoughout and was so encouraging that I eventually regained my self-confidence and even to dream about what I might do in my life as a therapist beyond that particular internship. Even though my supervision ended in 2010, I am still in touch with Ken, and am grateful to him for his patience and for nuturing the seeds of potential in me! He is a wonderful supervisor and I would highly recommend him. (And just as an aside, Ken makes a really good calzone!)."


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