I am honored to support people in making positive transformations.

For the past 15 years, I have been working independently with a wide variety of clients who are looking for something more from their lives. Whether through educational workshops, community-enhancing groups or private yoga therapy sessions, I am honored to support people as they work to bring about positive transformation in their lives. Incorporating both the ancient healing practices of Yoga and the supportive counseling tools of western psychology, I have helped many clients heal, grow and cope with many of the challenges that life can bring. I truly believe that we all have amazing healing powers within us and I am here to help you see that potential that exists within yourself.

We live in a rapidly evolving time in human history. The world is more interconnected than ever before, and this is allowing important cultural and scientific dialogues to take place. There are many wonderful opportunities for those of us in the West to encounter the life-transforming power of ancient wisdom traditions from around the world. The practices of yoga and meditation are now broadly respected by the scientific and academic communities, and the value of these practices for transforming the human condition and achieving balance, peace, and happiness has been affirmed by scientific research. Many healing professionals now understand that the body, mind, and spirit or heart are not separate things, but parts of an interconnected whole.

It is my mission to help my clients find practices that bring them health, healing, and happiness through individually designed programs drawing on my clinical training in Western psychology, yoga, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

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My Education Background

I am a great fan of Kierkegaard’s saying that “Life must be understood backwards and lived forward.”

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about where I have been and where I am right now. I have a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies and a minor in Japanese language from Penn State University (1992), a Master’s in Social Work with a emphasis on Children, Families, and Youth from Washington University in St. Louis (1999). I obtained my License as a Clinical Social Worker from the California Board of Behavioral Science in 2005 and have been a Registered Yoga Teacher since 2006. I furthered my education by attending the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training at Ananda Seva Mission in 2010 which certified me as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Therapist.  In September 2016, I became of the first professionals to become a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.    I am currently studying Thanatology (Death/Dying and Bereavement Studies) at Marian University with the intention to become a ADEC Board Certified Thanatologist.  

My Clinical Experience

My clinical experience includes serving clients at UCSF, Children’s Hospital in Oakland, Alameda County Child Protective Services, Alameda County Health Services Agency, Vital Life Services in Oakland, College Internship Program in Berkeley, Civicorps School in Oakland, the Institute on Aging in San Francisco, and the Liberation Institute in San Francisco.  I have been providing clients supportive services in a private practice setting for the past 10 years.

I have presented on the health benefits of yoga for bereaved parents at the MISS Foundation Conference:  The Transformative Nature of Grief in October 2012.  I have presented at Berkeley's Yoga and Race Conference in April 2015.  I also offer workplace yoga for local non-profits and other social justice-oriented organizations.   I also teach private yoga classes for staff at a local nonprofit, school teachers at an Oakland public school as well as for the residents at transitional living communities in Oakland. 

The following parable illustrates the value of this type of practice in our lives right now:

There was once an argument among the gods over where to hide the secret of life so that men and women would not find it.

One god said: “Bury it under a mountain; they will never look there.”

“No,” the others said, “one day they will find ways to dig up mountains and will uncover it."

Another said: “Sink it in the depths of the ocean; it will be safe there.”

“No,” the others objected, “humans will one day find a way to plumb the ocean's depths and find it easily.”

Finally another said: “Put it inside them; men and women will never think of looking for it there for a long time. By the time they are intelligent enough to discover the secret, perhaps they will also be wise enough to use it properly.”

Solution for Human Condition

We have tried every external ‘solution’ to help us cope with our human condition and yet we find ourselves living on a planet that is in dire need of change. This shift is quite simple, actually. Look within; trust the inner wisdom that has been there all along! I would be honored to walk along side you as you embark upon a transformative experience for your mind, body and spirit.

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