Simply put, “Yoga + Therapy = Balance”. Yoga is perhaps the oldest modality of somatic psychology and it has truly stood the test of time with modern Western research suppporting its many benefits in treating a wide variety of ailments and conditions that impact our mind/body/energy/spirit. My intention for these one-on-one sessions is that you, the client, are able to establish a deeper appreciation for your TRUE SELF.

My approach in Yoga Therapy is to first meet with you for an initial assessment where we discuss the presenting issue (i.e. anxiety, stress, body image, substance use, grief) and establish specific physical, emotional and energetic goals.

I offer you a thorough and efficient intake health assessment before working collaboratively with you to establish goals. I treat you with full acceptance and lovingkindness. I offer you supportive coaching through Pranayama breathwork, a series of traditional poses (asana) and a final relaxation. I may recommend other traditional yoga therapy modalities that can include stress reduction techniques such as yoga nidra (see sidebar for description), guided imagery meditation and Shatkarma.

A typical session is 75 minutes and that allows for time to engage in a therapeutic discussion as well as guidance and coaching around the client’s yoga practice. A typical session will also include any of the aforementioned yoga techniques, including a mindfulness breathing component and a guided deep relaxation, or yoga nidra (see sidebar for description). By combining the traditional philosophies and exercise of yoga with current evidenced-based and strengths-based psychotherapy, I encourage each client to find balance in their lives and tap into the true healing powers that reside within.   Sound healing through the use of Tibetan singing bowls, Chakra-aligning crystal bowls can also be introduced to the session.  

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I am available to support you in your life journey by providing you with a supportive trauma-informed, bereavement-sensitive therapeutic process that involves both traditional talk therapy and an individualized YOGA routine to help you develop strength, flexibility and endurance. With over ten years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I offer supportive counseling to individuals, couples and families dealing with:

  • grief and loss (including complicated grief and traumatic grief) 
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • relationship issues
  • substance use
  • identity exploration
  • spiritual integration
  • other life challenges and stressors

I have extensive training and clinical experience in Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness Skills Building, Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Sound Healing Practices, Bereavement Counseling, Expressive Arts Therapy, Nonviolent Communication, Social Justice-oriented Mediation and Stress Management Skills Building.     I am currently studying a Master level certification program in Thanatology (Study of Death/Dying and Bereavement) at Marian Univeristy.   

The private yoga therapy services I offer are certain to provide increased peace of mind, physical and mental flexibility and strength, muscle tone, and energy. The private sessions are for any age, any ability, ANYONE! Along with the client's feedback, you and I tailor the yoga practice and the therapeutic conversation to your personal needs and goals.

Partner yoga is available for couples who want to deepen each person’s individual practice while strengthening their bond with one another.  According to, some of the benefits of developing a partner yoga practice with a loved one include the following:

  • It's non-competitive fitness in which two or more people can engage.
  • It builds intimacy, especially between friends, family members, and partners (boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/etc).
  • A deeper level of trust develops between two yogis who explore the spiritual nuances of the craft together.
  • Partners can assist one another with more challenging asanas or help with guided meditation.
  • It's a fun activity to share with children.
  • Shared touch therapy in the form of yoga is similar to a massage.
  • The spirit is revitalized with the gentle touch, the even flow of breath, and the focused attention on one another.

My services are available on a sliding scale basis and my resolve, or Sankalpa, is to make yoga therapy accessible to all. I can provide you with Professional Services Statements that you can then submit to your insurance or Health Care Flexible Spending Account., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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